Welcome to The Oil Refinery!


 Who  am I?

A wife ..  mother…  daughter and sister…just like a lot of you!
I’ve been a work-from-home mom for over ten years now, and I spend a lot of my free time just trying to make sure I do the best I can to keep my family healthy.

Happily married, middle-aged, living in my hometown and raising kids on a budget-

My husband and I have been operating a home-based professional motorcycle repair shop for over 18 years. He is our master technician -while I handle the phones and the clerical parts of the job.

Years ago, we hand built the shop’s work space from the ground up. Together, we’ve done it all – from pouring concrete to assembling every piece of the 20×30 steel building…to maintaining our loyal customer roster!

Over the years, our world has been full of stellar highs and challenging lows.

Back in 2006, during one of our lowest lows- our first born was diagnosed with Leukemia. Our world shifted instantly, priorities changed, and I quickly fell into a new position – my new title was “cancer mom”.

During those years, I did my best to be the most informed advocate possible for my young child. I talked to doctors, learned a laundry list of new terms, web searched EVERYthing for years, searched out survivors, talked to other parents….

To prevent getting lost in a sea of paperwork and protocol- my MAD research skills were put into play. And, admittedly, I learned more about blood cancers, chemos and blood counts than I ever wanted to know!!

BUT the position of advocate felt comfortable for me- and in late 2008, after we finished ALL of those chemotherapy treatments- I continued to feel a strong drive to continue my pursuit to learn and advocate for my family’s well being.

What Can I Do For YOU?

Some might ask,

“What was the result of all of those years of research and over attentiveness?”

WHY, I discovered the versatile properties of essential oils, of course!  I learned how FAR they could take my family from so many of today’s typical toxins and chemicals.
I learned how they could replace room deodorizers, household cleaners, cough medicines, skin care products…and SO MUCH MORE.

After years of trial and error, I have decided that I would like to use this little spot on the web to share with you the benefits and rewards of using essential oils-  to help keep your family, co-workers and students healthy in this growing world of flus, colds and viruses and antibiotic resistent bacterias.

OH- how I WISH I had known about oils when we were on chemotherapy!

VISIT our product page here- where you can purchase home mixed blends- skin care salves, and safe, non toxic cleaning products!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are not a fad.
They are not a trend that will die away. They are, in fact, very old medicine.

Granny Women, Shamen and Medicine Doctors all over the globe have been harnessing the power of herbs and essential oils for thousands of years-

Essential oils are removed from their parent plant by a process called “extraction”.

Extraction can happen several different ways- distillationusing steam , cold pressing, expression or solvent extraction.

Take note that some of these extraction methods will contaminate the oils- and make them UNSAFE for therapeutic purposes. These oils are commonly used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, flavoring food and drink,  adding scents to various products- like household cleaners and candles.

And THAT is why it is important to check into the quality of your oils, the company that produces them…and their testing practices!

Long story short,essential oils are powerhouses of versatility! And we will go into various oils, oil blends and their benefits…in the coming posts.

If you have specific questions or would like to see specific information- feel free to ask away- and I will respond as best I can!

BUT, rest assured, if you find the correct oil for the job- you can tackle some REALLY hefty problems. The aromatic benefits of oils are just ONE of their beautiful benefits. You’ll be delighted to learn that there are oils that are antibacterial, anti-fungal AND anti-viral!

So, WHATEVER the goal you are reaching toward-

cleaning with a more natural approach…

conquering anxiety or depression…

lessening dependence on sleep medications..

or MAYBE you’re here simply so that you can offer yourself and your family a world free of many over the counter meds-

OILS can help!

You will find that a simple cough can be treated with peppermint oil…or congestion can be alleviated with eucalyptus or marjoram oils.

Addiction….cravings?…try black pepper oil

Prone to strep? Keep tea tree and oregano around and they will be your friend FOREVER!!

YES, I admit it, at first it can seem that the world of essential oils is somewhat overwhelming! There are SO many alternatives-it can be hard to know where to start.

Just remember- it’s important that you start with QUALITY oils and good intentions. Beyond that- you CANNOT go wrong!

Quality oils are readily available from several distributors in the United States. And you do NOT have to go through an affiliate, a representative or an advocate to buy them!

You simply have to research each oil company’s business practices. Where do they grow their product? How do they extract? What is their testing process? Sounds easy, right?!

Wellll, SURE it is!  Because I’ve already done a lot of that work for you!  :-)

THAT being said, I will reassure you up front-

I AM NOT A REPRESENTATIVE of ANY specific oil brand or product.
It’s true that I have found brands that I prefer over the years-
(shameless plug-LOVE Mountain Rose Herbs for tons of things- from oils, to teas to herbs!)

Mountain Rose Herbs
If it isn’t a a top-quality, tested organic product- I don’t use it!

My product choices and support comes from tried and true results with my recipes…and from my own personal research and preferences.

I will never recommend a product to you that did NOT work as described…was unpleasant..or offered me a poor experience overall. (and that includes customer service as well as the product itself) I will always be honest in my recommendations.

I am here to share what I have learned with YOU. So that I can help get you started with some quality products that you can trust.

It is truly AMAZING what essential oils can do – for you and your family….your co-workers…your students!

Just think- you can reduce or eliminate family colds during “flu season”, argument free cough remedies for kids, PLEASANT smelling oils diffusing throughout your home or office….that KILL GERMS and VIRUSES in the air!

Teachers,did you hear that?!!
KILL VIRUSES in the air…..AND when you inhale that diffused vapor…it helps kill the viruses and bacteria in your body!! Some of the BEST stuff in the world for classrooms and public spaces.

On this blog, I will provide you a buying guide..and links. You’ll be on your way to a SIMPLE path…toward a healthier lifestyle for you and your family!

There are several quality oil distributors here within the US. I am happy to help you find them and put them to work for you and your family!

To visit our PRODUCTS PAGE- CLiCK Here!

you can buy a diffuser, an Elementary Essentials recipe booklet OR one of my home-mixed essential oil blends!

Thanks for visiting-